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At Dogwood, we understand that everyone has individual needs to be met.  Our offering is tailored to your unique requirements.  Services are offered in the comfort of your own home unless otherwise agreed.

A will is a record of your final wishes.  It directs executors and trustees, the people who will manage your affairs once the will comes into force. You can also assign guardians for underage children. Nominate specific items for others to inherit, provide for your favourite charity, or  protect your home for loved ones.

A trust is created by your will for the benefit of others.  A trust ring-fences assets and is used to both protect your beneficiaries and the assets themselves.

This is commonly used to allow your partner to remain in the family home for their life and still protect the inheritance for your children.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a way to legally authorise others to make decisions and take action on your behalf in any instance that you are unable to do so yourself.

This can be related to Health and Welfare decisions or for Financial and Property matters.  They can become effective even only temporarily, such as after an accident or illness.

Inheritance Tax is currently rated at 40%.  Ensure that your lifetime’s earnings and hard work is protected and that your estate is properly managed to keep the bill as low as possible.  We can provide guidance to help you efficiently plan your estate.

Additional Services

Sever a Tenancy

The way that the home is owned determines what is possible to achieve in a will. This can be changed to suit your requirements with HM Land Registry.

Document Storage

Don't take the risk of losing these important documents. Keep your documents in a dedicated, secure storage facility.

Will Registration

Make sure that your will can be found. Register your will on the national will database so that it can be located when needed

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