Our Process

We understand that getting started can be tough – not knowing where to start can be a barrier to making the documents that you want.  Our process is made to take away that pressure.  We believe that you should spend your time considering the important decisions and not on writing documents and filling out forms.

We ask you thought provoking and tailored questions according to the goals that you set.  Additionally, we will provide advice, explain the implications of your decisions and give options.  We do not force decisions on you nor do we set time constraints.  We understand that the issues being considered are important and take time.

1. Understand Your Goals

We start the process by understanding what it is that you are trying to achieve. Do you want to protect your family home? Are you looking to minimise tax? Are you worried about your future care? We can then work together to achieve this.

2. Information Gathering

Next, you will be asked to provide information about your current situation. This varies depending on the goal you have set and the service that you have chosen. You will be advised of decisions that are required and there is no need to give answers immediately; you can think about these in your own time.

3. Take Some Time to Think

Following from our initial meeting, you will be given a summary of our discussion including all decisions made to date. You will additionally be given those matters which require some consideration.

4. Review Drafts

You will be given a draft copy of documents for your review. These need to be checked to ensure that your wishes are accurately included. You will be provided with plain English explanations where legal language is used.

5. Signatures

There are very specific rules on how the documents are to be signed. This will be supervised to ensure lawful compliance.

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