Here we go again: another month of lockdown. No friends over for a cuppa, no catch-ups at the pub. We are all in a state of flux and there is a collective feeling of anxiety, fear and stress. Our heads are full of thoughts that we can’t quite suppress and they swirl round and round, seemingly unending. And the loudest of them all…


With the future so uncertain, there is one way to alleviate a little bit of this constant wondering. Think about your kids, your family and friends. Think about your business or your home. And think about ways to protect yourself and those you love so dearly.

A will provides you with peace of mind: you have taken decisive action about what is important into your own hands. It means that grieving family members have a guide to follow and are not overwhelmed by trying to determine what you would have liked – you have told them directly through your will. Likewise, your children are assigned guardians and arrangements for your house are prepared. Avoid difficult, lengthy and costly probate proceedings.

Whilst a will protects others, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) protects yourself. You can make legally binding decisions about your health and welfare which will be followed in the event that you are unable to make these instructions clear at a future date. Your finances can be managed by a trusted person, even if you are only temporarily unable to perform day-to-day management of your affairs.

Many other worries will no doubt remain. But you can take action now to protect yourself and loved ones against a few of those ‘what if’ scenarios.

It takes around an hour for me to gather the necessary information to draft your will. LPA’s depend on particular circumstances. Socially distanced in-home visits are allowed during this lockdown period but alternative means are also available.

Contact us on 07436 566932 to get started.

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