Executor of My Will

“Who shall I name as the executor of my will?” is a question that is always considered when a Will is drafted.  The answer depends on your own circumstances and also of those around you.  For example, your children may not be the right choice when they are still minors, but may be best placed when they are adults.  Understanding the duties of an executor can help to clarify who it is that you want to name.

The Role of an Executor of a Will

In very simple terms, the Executor will sort out your estate.  They will be your personal representative in managing all of your affairs.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Applying to the courts for a grant of probate
  • Ensure any debts and liabilities are properly managed
  • Make gifts to your loved ones in accordance with the instructions of your Will
  • Often, the executor is also a trustee and will perform any duties with regards to trusts created by your Will
  • Complete duties in such a manner that the welfare of beneficiaries is of paramount importance

Who to Choose as the Executor of My Will?

You are not limited in who you can assign to be your executor but there are certain situations when your wishes will not be carried out.  An example of this is when you appoint a person who is still a minor when they are called upon to perform their duties.  Some points that you might consider in selecting a person to fill this role.

  • Is the person willing to take on the role?
  • Will they manage the required duties with care?
  • Do you trust them?
  • Will their location be a barrier to carrying out their duties?
  • Will they be proficient?
  • Is more than 1 person required?

How Dogwood Can Help

At Dogwood, we understand the legal requirements so that you don’t have to.  Let us help you to determine if the person selected will be able to perform all of the necessary duties without constraint.  Additionally, we can help to identify the needs of your particular circumstances and provide guidance into how your estate can be most efficiently administered.

Dogwood can write you Will in a way that allows for changing life conditions and provide different scenarios that might occur; and explain the impact that these will have to your Will.

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Please call us on 07436 566932 or e-mail info@dogwoodwills.co.uk to understand how we can help you achieve peace of mind for your Will.

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